Emotional Intelligence for Everyday Life

Get real-life EQ skills in 6 months

Coach with me to train ‘your gut’ to work for you:

 – To get to know your own emotions and what they might be telling you

 – Learn to manage your emotions internally, to avoid unnecessary pain, and externally, to make sure you express them appropriately and prevent anyone using your emotions against you

– Use your emotions to progress and energize your life goals

In 45 minutes free session we will determine the 3 Cs:
  Chemistry – only a coach you trust and like can help you, let’s see if we work together well?

Commitment – are you ready to work for your goals, or are you hoping for shortcuts?

 Clarity – what is the one thing you are ready to work to improve your life?


EQ is about YOU:

At the moment, the most EQ skills are taught in the context of ‘others’ – whether it be about ’empathetic’ leadership or how to ‘manage other people’s emotions’.

The truth is, we often barely understand ourselves. Understanding others is a complex, difficult task, often draining our energy and mental resources.

Learning to use your emotions intelligently will help you understand others too – to ‘read the room’ or be more empathetic.

But the most impactful ‘intelligence’ is applied for yourself. No one else knows you better and you will never have the same inner knowledge about others like about yourself.

My coaching focuses on YOU.

Because this is what matters most in your life.

So if you’re interested in learning about YOU, book a session!


'Small print' to note:

  • It’s a 6 months Program with weekly sessions – more intense in the beginning, less intense later.
  • I only take 1 new person per month to make sure I give my best to my students, so the spaces are limited.
  • The Program costs $3,000 upfront or $600 per month, no hidden fees, extensions or ‘up-selling’.