Unhijack Yourself


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You know that feeling well…

….When your chest starts feeling like somebody is sitting on it and not allowing you to breathe. Your short, shallow breaths seem woefully inadequate and you gasp for air as if you’re drowning, but it doesn’t help so you hyperventilate. You might even cry from frustration or terror that you’re not feeling in control of your own body…

….When you feel your anger coming, like a tiger – first, softly and then suddenly, it’s all over you. You are still trying to hold on to it – you grind your jaw, stiffen your hold body so that it would not let go, your facial expression is increasingly stern. And then you let it go – on your boss, on your beloved ones or a terrible call center representative. And it feels good. Your body relaxes, it feels like a weight was lifted from your shoulders. But then the guilt comes… And stays with you. For hours, days or weeks…

…You repeat to yourself – I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry, I am not going to cry. You tell yourself that it’s not the right time – it’s a work meeting, for Pete’s sake! Or you tell yourself ‘this jerk is not worth someone like me’. Your urge to cry comes and goes in waves with your frustration or feeling of loss. Despite your efforts, your tears are in your eyes and even if they don’t leave them, everybody sees that you are on the verge. The kinder ones suggest taking a moment. Others suggest that you should not use your tears to get what you want..

You might have paid the price in..

Ruined relationships

  • from lost temper
  • inability to express youself adequately
  • interpreted as manipulative

Missed career opportunities

  • not considered ‘leadership material’
  • judged as weak or emotional
  • irrational decision making


  • feeling unlovable & inadequate
  • lack of belonging
  • extra layer of suffering – guilt about anger, shame about tears
But there is another way…

Emotional awareness can open easier emotion regulation, transforming life in ways you never dreamed of.

Emotional Mastery – LEVEL 1

  • You care a bit less and less about the traffic on the way to work or somebody cutting in front of you on the road.
  • You leave a meeting and feel less stressed, annoyed or frustrated than usual.
  • You are in control even when the situation is stressful because you know you have tools at your disposal anytime.
  • Instead of shouting at someone, you are only irritated and use a cranky voice.
  • When you are angry, you vent to someone else instead, potentially saving a relationship.
  • Less and less often you will feel on the verge of tears.

Emotional Mastery – LEVEL 2  

  • You notice that your ‘hijacking incidents’ are rarer and rarer. Maybe they only happen once a week. Maybe they only happen once a month.
  • Eventually, they happen only when they are needed.

Emotional Mastery – LEVEL 3

  • You have more energy because you worry less.
  • You get less irritated and frustrated.
  • When you do worry or get upset, it’s much more meaningful and teaches you more than the minor incidents.
  • You feel more connected – other people as they are also creatures that feel and suffer rather than being jerks on purpose connects you in ways that no amount of logical reasoning ever can.
  • Incredibly, you start feeling more sometimes. Because you freed up so much energy from your daily frustrations and negative thoughts that you are now noticing the beautiful things around you. The fact that this bush is blooming. That your colleague meets you with a genuine, friendly smile. That people around you like your attention. All these things you took for granted, never noticing, never appreciating – they are suddenly part of your day. There is more on this journey – join the EmotionReady Mastermind wait list if you want to be part of it.

Emotional Mastery – LEVEL 4 

There is more in this journey – get a coaching interview with me to explore.

Learn how to get out of emotional situations without losing your temper or looking weak


Emotion research focused

Builds on the best research on emotions, emotion focused therapy and EQ


Gives instant relief

Emotional solutions for emotional problem work immediately


Accessible anytime

No need to find a quite room or go to gym – use it when you need it most

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How Do I Know This Works?

I lost my temper, cried in the wors situations and allowed fear overtake me more times than I can count. As Highly Sensitive Person I had to learn to manage my emotions very early in life and I know what works what doesn’t. 

But it is about YOU, not me. 

It’s about how YOU can do better without making every single mistake in the book like me.

It’s about YOU finding  that work just when you need them.

It’s about YOU feeling in control when it matters most in your life.

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