3 Ways Your EQ Can Get You Out of Crisis Mode

If I only had one word to describe the last few months, it would be emotional. I was sad. I had to cancel my vacation to see the family. I got scared. I went to the shop and saw the same fear in everyone’s eyes. I was anxious. I felt uncertain about my health, my beloved ones or my livelihood.

Some people find the virus crisis ridiculous. They mock those fighting in the supermarkets and drugstores. But to me, they seem to be taken over by fear.

Some say all is just scaremongering by media. They are so proud of their cool-headedness they even disregard the exponential growth of infections.

So who is right?

Everyone. Noone. All of us have our own emotions to deal with. Since emotions are designed to organize you for action, only you can see what needs are behind them.

The better question is – are your decisions being clouded by your emotions or informed by them?

This is when your EQ becomes your best friend.

The emotional crisis requires emotional tools and emotional intelligence skills help you be smart about your emotions.

First, EQ skills help you make the best decisions. You will be able to decide what exactly you need to feel safer and more prepared.

Second, your emotional state will set the tone to everyone around you. If you feel calmer, everyone around you will feel calmer.

Third, you will be grounded and won’t be easily manipulated. You will be in charge and you will like it.

So, if you’re…

…Scared? Tune into this emotion and see the need behind this. Is it security? This will lead you to the concrete to maximize it rather than follow everyone else’s actions…

…Proud? Pride is generally a positive emotion – it builds on your confidence in your abilities. But could your pride be making you reckless?…

…Anxious? Anxiety is a perception of fear of a future event rather than an imminent threat. So what’s the future event that makes you most anxious? What can you do to prepare?…

Try these 3 steps:

  1. Down-regulate your emotions – you can see more on how on my website emotionready.com
  2. Tune into emotion and understand the need behind it. Emotions are nothing but signals with important information behind them – it’s worth listening those needs.
  3. Make a point to use your EQ when deciding what is the best way forward – take into account emotional and rational information to make sure you make the best decisions for you and your family.